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Chronoglass offers a variety of glass products out of the ordinary. From simple shaped glass to textured glass, through tempered glass to laminated glass and even printed. All assembled at our Montreal factory. Chronoglass leads you through the entire process of your project.

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All Glass Parts Inc. is now dedicated exclusively to serving window and door repair shops, hardware stores and locksmiths across Canada and the U.S.

All glass

Today, we are the leading supplier and manufacturer of products to the glass and glazing industry. We design, engineer, and manufacture a wide range of architectural hardware, including commercial and residential architectural railings, hardware for "all-glass" commercial entrances, transaction hardware, and frameless shower door hardware. Our U.S. Aluminum Division manufactures and supplies a complete range of products for commercial, institutional, retail, and government buildings. The extensive product range includes storefronts, entrance doors, windows, window walls, curtain walls, and sun control systems.

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P.V.C window
  • BR4000 casement and canopy window
  • BR4350 sash and sliding double window
  • BR4450 slash and sliding single window
  • tilting window

P.V.C patio door
Hybrid patio door

S 800 / S 7800 / Hybrid potio door

P.V.C hybrid window
cassement, shutter or sliding window

The pinnacle of high-end : the wamth of wood inside, the shine of aluminium outside, and the energy efficiency of a PVC core.

Weiser is a recognized leader in innovation and product development providing high quality Fashion Doorware and offering a variety of solutions for both consumers and dealers.

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  • M-3000 high performance window
  • M-750 sliding window
  • M-860 triple glazed sliding window
  • M-900 single glazed sash window
  • M-2100 double glazed sash window

Strom window, portico, shutter

Century Series Aluminum Windows come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours. These windows are suitable for mulit-family homes, high rises, churches, institutions and many more commercial uses.

For those who are looking to increase the performance of their windows with little cost, Gentek carries the aluminum storm window manufactured by York Aluminum, another quality Canadian manufacturer. It is offered in one-lite, double hung, round top and side slider in seven standard colours.

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Aluminium patio door

  • -700 series : wood frame / aluminium / aluminium shutter
  • -775 series : aluminium frame / aluminium shutter

The origins of the Novatech difference begin with the management of the company. Management is purposefully committed to the development of an organizational culture that will achieve two big objectives: development of products that exceed customer expectations, and operational efficiency. The achievement of these two main strategic objectives is possible because of the genuine commitment of management who endorse the loyalty and motivation of employees as well as customer satisfaction.

Vous désirez des portes en bois et des cadres en bois sur mesure ou standard de qualité supérieure? Nous travaillons chaque jour à innover pour offrir des produits durables de qualité supérieure à nos clients qui sont le coeur et la passion de l'entreprise. Pour nous, la réussite c'est VOTRE satisfaction!

SESAME'S key idea is to provide architects, interior designers, real estate developers and consumers with modern and original solutions for personalizing interiors.

Promax offers the best components for your windows & doors screens systems from ultra-modern facilities equipped with UNIQUE state-of-the-art automated equipments. Continuous R&D investments allow Promax to design and manufacture premium, high tech products tailored to the needs of today's innovative manufacturers.

Garaga garage doors are no ordinary doors. We are proud to share with you results of four tests that were performed under stick controlled parameters. Witness for yourself the difference between Garaga and the others!

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